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Male Edge – Highest Rated Penis Enlarger System Worldwide

The Male Edge penis enlarger is a clinically tested device which has been scientifically proven to increase the size of your penis. Based on the medical principle of traction it uses the body’s natural ability to grow and stimulates the growth of the ligament which suspends the penis and the rest of the penile tissues. This produces a longer and thicker penis both in erection and flaccidity which improves self esteem and confidence in the bedroom.

As a second generation penile extender Male Edge has a very lightweight design weighing only 65g. This aids in comfort and makes the device easier to wear. The tension can be changed with simple, easy to use click adjustments from 1200g up to 2800g so you can make gains at whatever pace you wish however, we recommend starting at the lowest setting for the first couple of weeks of the program. An included manual and online video provide step by step instructions on usage of the Male Edge.

Penile extenders are a safe and effective method for penis augmentation and are recommended by urologists worldwide. Male Edge products are CE marked which means they have passed the strict quality guidelines required for medical equipment and have been clinically proven to have no side effects. They are considered multi-purpose medical devices as they have other applications such as treating Peyronies disease.

For those you suffer from Peyronies disease or penile curvature you will be pleased to know Male Edge is recommended by urologists as one of the best first line treatments. Diagnosis of this condition is vital in the early stages because it is degenerative and if left untreated will continue to worsen and become more difficult to remedy. The principle behind it is that by applying a force of tension onto the penis plaque is broken down and replaced by new tissue. In mild cases we have had reports of complete correction in curvature.

Bondimedical is an authorised distributor of the Male Edge brand. DanaMedic, the manufacturers who are based in Denmark, are very selective in choosing their resellers and will only authorise those who display a dedication to customer service. We provide express delivery in 1 to 3 business days for all our orders and you can rest assured it will arrive discreetly in plain packaging.

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