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Penile growth stops by the time a man reaches the age of 20 for most men, but men do not have to settle for the size of their penis when growth slows and eventually stops.

Dozens of companies advertise options boasting huge results. How do you know Male Edge is one brand who stands out from the bunch and does what it is supposed to do? Male Edge uses the scientific concept of traction to provide results for users of our enlarger. Penis traction is a method of extending the length of a penis and widening the girth which has been clinically proven to be effective. Our programme is over a 6 month period and patients who complete it see significant increases.

Traction is safe because it is a slow, steady method of enlargement. Our penis enlargers place pressure on the penis and slowly cause microscopic tears which are filled in with new tissue. This tissue adds length and girth to the penis. Male Edge allows men to decide how much traction they want to use in order to ensure the process of increasing size is comfortable. Since the process is done over time, there is little discomfort associated with our penis extender.

One of the greatest benefits of using Male Edge for an increase in size is that traction has been used in the medical community for years and has been clinically shown as being safe with no side effects.

There are 3 Male Edge packages to choose from, and each of these options offers something different to meet the needs of everyone.

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Showing all 9 results